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Xerun AXE540L R2-1400KV-FOC System - Combo FREE AU delivery
Hobby Wing

Xerun AXE540L R2-1400KV-FOC System - Combo FREE AU delivery

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FOC (Field-oriented Control) for Super Linearity &
High Torque & Extreme Slience

New sensor technology has changed the feel, performance, and overall tune-ability of the
new Axe ESC and Motor in ways some have never experienced. Field-oriented Control is the
name of this new tech, and is something all new to the scale trail, rock racing, and rc world
in-general. This new style of sensor allows extremely accurate control and sensing of the
motor while maintaining extreme performance and reliability. The motor and ESC are able to
match the RPM of the motor to your throttle position under all driving conditions.
This greatly improves down hill driving giving this system the ability to drive
down hill under complete control.FOC technology also makes the
whole system extremly silent, the motor doesn't create
the annoying PWM noise when it is running.

Intelligent Torque Output & Speed
Closed-loop Control for Easy Control

Not just a new ESC and motor, the new FOC sensors, combined with
Intelligent Torque output and closed loop speed control mean
the ESC and motor will maintain the motor’s Torque level and
RPM as the vehicles conditions change. Uphill, down hill,
under load, you name it, your Axe system will do
what you’re telling it to do.

Battery Reverse Polarity Protection

Hobbywing's AXE FOC Crawler system has been designed with a
very unique feature protecting your ESC from damage caused by
Battery Reverse Polarity, so no matter how many times you reverse
the battery connections the AXE ESC and the paired motor are safe
from damage.

Applicable to All Weather & Track Conditions

The IP-67 waterproof has been taken to a new level with the AXE System. Completely
sealed ESC design with robust heatsink case design ensure the ESC is ready for
anything you throw at it. The motor as well,is sealed, and combines a completely new
sensor harness.No messy extra steps to make your system water proof.

Dual Running Mode

AXE FOC Crawler system supports dual running mode, not only classic "Forward and
Reverse (rock crawler)" mode, but also "Forward/Reverse with brake (normal)" mode,
to satisfy your application.

Professional Drag Brake Adjustments
& Super Parking Capacity

Drag brake rate, and drag brake tuning allows scalers to adjust not
only the hill/hold/drag brake, but how quickly the brake applies.
This allows high speed driving with out sudden jerks or
stops when releasing the throttle. The drag brake itself is
super charged, and able to be run at extremely high levels.
Compared to a standard crawling brushless setup,
the drag brake in the Axe System can be rated
at %200 in comparison.